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Operational Support Services

The plant tissue culture lab is the cornerstone of any successful clean plant program. The use of plant tissue culture to clean, store, and micropropagate precious crop types is becoming commonplace in cannabis agriculture, while traditional clonal propagation methods, which can lead to accumulation of disease, stress, and eventual loss, are being phased out. Fortunately, the tried-and-true methods of plant tissue culture have been employed successfully in many agricultural sectors for decades.


The Terminus Bio consulting philosophy revolves around one simple principle: Integration. Whether the goal is to simply clean a few cuts, or to build a state-of-the-art micropropagation facility, the Terminus Bio consulting team can help to build and integrate your tissue culture program to meet your goals.

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Protocol Transfer

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Full Facility Design & Consultation

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Workforce Training


Equipment Brokerage


White Glove Laboratory Installation

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